Color Of Humanity Wall™ Dolls

Handmade face and faceless dolls, constructed of clay, wood, wire, yarn, acrylic paint, and cloth.


Wall Dolls are wonderful additions to foyers, bedrooms, or any wall in a home or business. They are beautiful when displayed as a set of three. The Color Of Humanity™ Wall Dolls are a colorful play on the past and present. The dolls are approximately 2 x 16-18 inches and are suggested to be used as wall hangings instead of toys.



Dark brown skin, bright pink eye - shadow and lips to match, yellow-green yarn body, and a side bun. Approximately 15 inches in length.




Dark brown skin, metallic pink eyeshadow and gold lips, hot pink yarn body, and Bantu knots. Approximately 15 inches in length.


Mr. Grady

Dark brown skin, grey Afro, mustache over lips to, white shirt and brown trousers. Approximately 18 inches in length.



Dark brown skin, metallic turquoise eyeshadow and lips to match, dark blue yarn body, long brown locks, electric blue top, feathered skirt, hand crafted  wrap necklace. Approximately 15 inches in length.




Dark brown skin, gold eyeshadow and lips to match, brown yarn body, and a top bun. White jean dress, flower acccent in the hair. Approximately 15 inches in length.



Black skin, long natural braided pony tails, purple yarn body, emerald green top, white jean skirt, handmade wrap necklace. Approximately 15 inches in length.



Black skin, bright turquoise eye shadow and lips to match, gray body, brown Afro puffs, brown top, electric blue skirt, handmade wrap necklace. Approximately 15 inches in length.




Black skin, light green yarn body, large Bantu knots, blue jean dress top, electric blue skirt, handmade necklace, wood bangle bracelet, diamond accent and hoop earrings.

 Approximately 15 inches in length.


Brown skin,brown side bun, flower accent in hair, hot pink yarn body, green dress, wooden bracelet, diamond accent earrings. Approximately 15 inches in length.










Black skin, Face Doll, gray yarn body, recycled loc hair, white top, camouflage pants, brown leather-like belt and shoes, gold and blue painted bangle, gold hoop earrings.




Art piece


Brown skin, Face Doll, pink yarn body, yarn bun , green top, handcrafted tulle skirt, brown leather-like belt and shoes, wooden bangle, gold hoop earrings.



Skin Colors


Color of Humanity ™ Wall Doll Kit

Create your own Color of Humanity

Wall Doll with Doll Kit complete with contents and instructions. Doll Kits come in 3 different face shades including black, brown, and linen/white.